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Vinyl Flooring in Highland, IL

Vinyl Flooring in Highland, IL

Many of us love the visual appeal and top value of high-end floors like hardwood, tile, and natural stone, but not all of us want the cost and maintenance that come with them. Our vinyl flooring in Highland, IL is the answer—it works with all furnishings and décor and is easy to maintain. Material like this can last you for 15 years or more and is perfect for pets and kids of all ages. The warmth and softness underfoot is an excellent feature for the toddler learning to walk or the senior treading on stiff joints; and the cushy impact prevents injuries from falls, too. Friends or family members with allergies will also appreciate the surface of our vinyl tile and similar floors.

We carry vinyl tile and planks and other varieties from Shaw, Coretec, and Armstrong, some of the industry’s best brands. Each of these companies is environmentally conscious and manufactures sustainable floors. Coretec incorporates recycled content into their vinyl’s waterproof core, and Shaw is careful to support responsible supply methods and the protection of consumer rights. Shaw has been satisfying customers for 40+ years and is ranked #1 by all of the leading floor publications. Armstrong adds in the appearance of natural beauty as well, so you’ll support the planet while bringing a piece of it inside.

Safe and Professional Vinyl Flooring Installation

This material is easy to place, especially for licensed installers like us. We do careful and quality work and instruct you on how to care for your floors, so their long lifespans pay for themselves. Our vinyl floors have PVC as its base, which gives it strength and moisture resistance as well as protection against spills and fading. It’s also eco-friendly and meets flammability safety standards.

Modern technology can make your vinyl floor resemble just about any high-end material, even marble, granite, or travertine. Just let us know the look you’re hoping to achieve, and we’ll do our best to bring it to life. Once we’ve completed the installation process, it’ll be tough to tell that the floor is an imitation and not the real thing.

In addition to our vast experience selling and installing floors, we also offer personal service for those who may need extra help. Whether you’re a first-time floor buyer or a pro, you’re welcome to schedule a free consultation for us to pre-measure. We answer your questions, offer suggestions, and take accurate measurements before you’ve even paid us a thing.

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Contact us for a floor that brings the benefits of a high-end material without the issues that go with them. We install floors all over Highland, Troy, Greenville, Trenton, and Carlyle, Illinois, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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